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 Project: Townsville Ring Road Stage 4

 Client: Humes Holcim


The project involves the creation of the last section of the Townsville Ring Road. This section will complete the 22km Townsville Ring Road link, which has been developed in stages since 2005 providing a freight bypass of Townsville and delivering improved safety and traffic efficiency. The 11km section of highway includes eight bridges, 80 culverts, 1.6 million tonnes of imported embankment, 300,000 tonnes of pavement material as well as earthworks, drainage, pavement, retaining walls, concrete barriers, signage and finishing works.

RUD Solution

RUD completed the lifting design for all the deck units and piles for Humes Holcim. This involved the design of a 35t x 25m modular spreader beam - manufactured, proof loaded and certified by RUD and the use of innovative cast in lifting hoops – a safer and efficient solution for lifting heavy prestressed units.

Resulting benefits - Lifting Hoops

• Safer than strand to manufacture

• Safer to use • Can be inspected easily (no cover/sheif)

• Easy to install • Tagged with a rating/WLL

Resulting benefits - Spreader Beam

• Lightweight (half the weight of other beams)

• Long term asset to crane fleet – added versatility and increase utilisation of cranes

• Increased capability to crane fleet – other beams that are heavier would require a larger crane to lift

• 35t x 25m modular spreader beam

• Designed, manufactured, proof loaded, certified by RUD

• Cost effective solution

• Turnaround time was quick


What the customer says

“The most important aspect of any lifting device is its safety performance - on the TRR4 project we required at lightweight multipurpose modular spreader beam to deliver the TRR4 project. RUD and Bullivants were able to meet our specific requirements for WLL, multiple spans and most importantly the tight delivery time frame. The spreader beam has been simple and easy to use and been a real asset to this project. We were very pleased with the performance of the RUD Cast-in Lifting Hoops and the RUD Vario spreader beam, and look forward to using them in the future on further projects.”

Reon Knowler

Project Engineer, Seymour Whyte


What the customer says

The RUD team were able to design, manufacture and supply a cost effective solution for the TRR4 where others could not. RUD worked within the performance requirements and time constraints to deliver a practical solution to these critical lifts. We see our long term relationship with RUD more as a partnership than supplier and customer. RUD’s service and product support is excellent and their team of industry specialists are always on hand to answer any of our questions.

Paul Denison
Branch Supervisor, Bullivants Townsville 


What the customer says - Humes Holcim

Humes Townsville have used the RUD Cast-in Lifting Hoop on numerous projects in the Townsville Area. In TRR4 a combination of 12.5t, 16t and 20t hoops were used in both prestressed piles and decks. The engineers at RUD compiled the lift plans in accordance with TMR requirements and worked with Hume to ensure a timely delivery schedule was adhered to. The Cast-in Lifting Hoops are cost effective to use, quick and easy to install and handle. The wide range of sizes/capacities available gives the site team confidence in designing the most suitable lifting arrangement for each pre-cast element The pre-cast team at Humes Townsville recommends the use of the RUD Cast-in Lifting Hoop and we look forward to being able to use them on future projects and across all products.”

Ken Weir
Production Manager, Holcim Australia


What the customer says - Townsville Cranes

This beam is simply the best in town and is a real asset to our Crane Fleet! It gives Townsville Cranes a competitive advantage as other beams of similar size are twice the weight. We look forward to working with RUD again to increase the capability of our rigging gear throughout the fleet.

Mick Pearson
General Manager, Townsville Cranes