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ICE Gr 120 - Lashing Equipment

For the first time, our high strength patented ICE Grade 120 allows for a one size decrease in the nominal diameter when compared to Grade 80 lashing chain. This ensures that no matter what the size of the Grade 80 lashing chain being used, the next smaller Grade 120 lashing chain will have the same lashing capacity up to -60°C.
The proven technical advantages of the VIP-Program have been kept and further improved with this ICE-Lashing chain. The components for tensioning, connection and shortening have been improved considerably with regard to the weight and function.
Noticeably is the ICE-CURT, which is an integrated tensioning and shortening device. The intregrated shorteners result in minimam lost adjustment and cut out the need for an addittional shortening hook or claw on the lashing assembly,
The ICE-Lashing chain can be quickly shortened and tensioned effortlessly which prevents the danger associated with an incorrect shortening.

ICE Grade 120 offers considerable weight deduction, improved ergonomics, easier assembly and increased safety.

Optimal Load Securing


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