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Eye Nut RM UNC thread

Detailed Information
Detailed Information

Eye nut RM-1"-8UNC

With the following characteristics, distinctive in comparison to the conventional DIN - eye nuts;
An octagonal shape symbolising quality class 8
Colored red, the identification color of quality class 8
Identification : Clear WLL indication for the most unfavorable load direction F2 (not permissible for DIN 581).
Swiveling movements must be avoided during transportation.
Not suitable for swiveling under load.
It does not automatically adjust to the direction of pull hence not permitted in the mining industry.
For further details refer to the product information sheet.

Type WLL kg Addition Ref.-No.
Eye nut RM-3/8"-16UNC 200 7101103
Eye nut RM-1/2"-13UNC 350 7101104
Eye nut RM-5/8"-11UNC 750 7101105
Eye nut RM-3/4"-10UNC 1200 7101106
Eye nut RM-7/8"-9UNC 1500 7101107
Eye nut RM-1"-8UNC 2000 7101108
Size and Data (mm)
Size and Data (Inch)
Lifting capacity

with different lifting methods

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