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Drive safely on winter roads with the RUD Supergreifsteg

It gives a super grip

A long-lasting, top-quality snow chain for commercial vehicles

Time is one of the most valuable commodities in freight traffic. This is particularly true in winter, with its unpredictable, and erratic weather. A set of snow chains not only prevents many delays, but also gives the driver the reassurance of being well equipped for all road conditions. With the Supergreifsteg, RUD offers shipping companies and truckers an ideal, universal snow chain for road haulage.

Scania LKW Milk for a small shop in the Alps, parcels for a village in the hills – there are many places that can be difficult to reach in winter. Sometimes, when winter closes in, traffic cannot move without snow chains - even on motorways. Fitting the Supergreifsteg is easy, takes little time, and provides an enormous increase in traction. RUD's top-of-the-range model features the renowned "Kantenspur" chain mesh that ensures optimal traction in every wheel position. There is a constant number of grip elements in contact with the road at all times.

Easy on tyres and the budget

RUD-profi SUPERGREIFSTEG Drivers are enthusiastic about the smooth running of the Supergreifsteg, while haulage contractors are impressed by its cost-effectiveness. It achieves high mileage, thanks to the use of manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel, and the fact that both sides of the chain mesh can be used to optimise lifetime and lower overall cost.

The RUD Cortina also offers many of these advantages. This entry-level model for commercial vehicles has a somewhat simpler chain mesh with cross-links made of wear resistant high-grade steel.


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