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Apron Conveyor


Dry de-ashers are a logical, economical further development of de-ashing systems. RUD has designed an apron conveyor system for dry de-ashing based on the CRATOS round steel chain. The ash is now no longer scraped along the floor of the trough, but carried by the plates of the apron. Conveying capacities of 70 t/h or more are achieved, depending on the angle of the inclined part of the conveyor. The designed width of the conveyor is max. 2 m.


  • Simple, robust construction with plates of high flexural strength
  • Permanently closed apron surface, throughout the entire life cycle
  • Short pitch, minor polygon effect
  • Lower overall heights can be achieved because of the small chain wheel diameters
  • Individual apron plates are closely toleranced
  • Accurate calibration of all the system components to offer high efficiency conveying

CRATOS Apron Conveyors consist of the following components:

  1. Conveyor chains, sizes 19x75....30x120
  2. RS and FL chain connectors
  3. Three-part pocket wheels on the drive-side, and one-piece pocket wheels on the deflection side
  4. Special attachments based on the MEE-T
  5. Robust plates optimally adapted to the conveying task which, in conjunction with the MEE-Tattachments, form a stable multi-link connection
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CRATOS "Unlimited Power" - Conveyor systems for fossil-fired power plants

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