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TECDOS - Drive and Guide Wheels


Optimally matched to the geometries of TECDOS heavy-duty chains.

TECDOS pocket wheels are available for drive and conveyor systems in all requested dimensions and numbers of teeth. The drive and guide wheels are custom-made, so that bores and hubs can be made to meet individual project requirements.

The designer has to select a shaft-hub assembly strong enough to bear the forces it will have to withstand. RUD specifies the dimensions and geometries of the pocket contour to match the RUD chain used and the chain tolerances, so that they are optimally matched, and the chain runs quietly with little wear.

The wheels are machined on all sides to the tightest tolerances, and case-hardened to reduce wear.
RUD drive and guide wheels are made so that both the horizontal and vertical chain links are supported on an extensive polygonal surface. Only by supporting the vertical and horizontal chain links on an extensive surface are forces optimally transmitted into the individual chain links as they run over the wheel and tensions in the chain links minimized.

If the vertical chain links are not supported, the horizontal chain link jams between the vertical chain link and the horizontal contact surface of the wheel as it swings into the pocket wheel, and it has to swivel under load until it lies in the bottom of the pocket. This increases the bending stress in the horizontal chain links by up to 40 %, which can lead to fatigue fractures in the case of high nominal stresses.

If the vertical chain links are supported at points in the middle of the shank by a round groove, a higher bending stress is generated in the vertical chain link, which can also lead to a fatigue fracture. Supporting the vertical chain links on an extensive polygonal surface prevents the horizontal links jamming. This means that they can normally swing in under low stress.

Specifications required for ordering RUD pocket chain wheels:

  • Chain dimensions and number of pockets
  • Hub length
  • Hub diameter E
  • Bore diameter with fit (Fit H7 is used if nothing else is specified)
  • Keyway for parallel key acc. DIN 6885-1 width P9 orJS9, or tapered keyway acc. DIN 6886 or DIN 6887 with specification of taper direction
  • Possible tapped hole for a set screw with specification of its position
  • Toothing stating DIN designation
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