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Chain guide

Chain guides are always required, if the load at the chain only touches one side of the wheel, and the other side is under little or non load. A chain de-stripper should be provided at the loose side of the chain guide to untwist a twisted incoming chain.

Chain lubrication

The chains should be lubricated at regular intervals according to conditions of use to minimize adhesive wear in the chain links and to increase lifetime of the chain.

Chain pretension

If chain guides are not fitted, then it must be ensured that the chain remains under continuous prtension. The pretension should be set as low as possible, but it must always be greater than the frictional force of the return strand. The chain must not climb off the wheel under any operating conditions.


The chain drive must be checked for wear at regular intervals. A worn component must be replaced as soon as it reaches its replacement state of wear.

Operating temperature

RUD round steel chains may be used up to a maximum temperature of 200 ° C without restrictions. Premium case-hardened round steel chains are approved down to a minimum operating temperature of -20 ° C, Medium round steel chains are approved down to -40 ° C. The TECDOS heavy-duty chain Extra can even be used below -40 ° C.RUD must be consulted in advance if round steel chains are to be used at higher or lower operating temperatures.


Suitable protection must be provided to protect a chain drive against overload or blocking, such as limit switches, slip clutches, shearing pins or similar.

Protective devices

In order to prevent interference with the chain drive during operation, protection against accidental contact must be mounted over especially dangerous parts of the chain drive, such as near the drive and guide wheels.

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