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TECDOS - Assembly Instructions

Mounting the drive and reversing wheels
Drive and reversing wheels must be mounted on their axles in such a way that they can be easily driven. Their rotary motion must not impeded or blocked. The wheels must be aligned axially so that the chain can run on and off the wheel tangentially. The chain must not run against the sides of the teeth as it runs on and off the drive or guide wheels.

Shortening chains
If chain shortening is necessary, cut out links lying in the same plane at each strand. Chain links must be cut out carefully with a cutting-disc or bolt cutter without damaging adjacent links.
Heat may not be allowed to affect any links that are not being cutted out.

Mounting the chain strands
The chains should be placed on the driving wheels so that the weld seams of the vertical chain links (standing chain links) faces outwards on the wheel. The chain must not be twisted between the drive and reversing wheels or between the wheels and any chain end attachment.

Mounting the chain guides
The chain guides must be mounted aligned axially and radially with the centres of the drive wheels. The guides must be mounted so that the chains run in and out faultlessly.

Welding work
As a matter of principle, no welding work may be done on TECDOS heavy-duty chains or components.
montageanleitung.jpgThe chain must not be used as a ground connection to the steel construction for electric welding.

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