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Only when complete, are the individual components powerful - TECDOS® elements at a glance

TECDOS-heavy-duty chain
The core component of every TECDOS system application is a highly wear-resistant round steel chain. It has the longest working life, even when used with highly abrasive media.
TECDOS - Heavy-duty chain

TECDOS-Drive and Guide Wheels
Drive and guide wheels are optimally matched to the dimensions and geometries of the TECDOS heavy-duty chain.
TECDOS - Drive and Guide Wheels

TECDOS-Chain Guides
These are available in a wide range of designs, which ensure that TECDOS heavy-duty chains run safely for a very long time.
TECDOS - Chain Guides

TECDOS operates drive and hoisting applications for loads ranging from light to several hundred tonnes.
TECDOS - Drives

TECDOS-Chain-end Fixings
For connecting TECDOS heavy-duty chains to machines, structural elements and devices.
TECDOS - Chain-end Fixings

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TECDOS - Strong elements intelligent systems
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