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TECDOS - Maintenance and supervision


TECDOS Hochleistungsketten sind wegen ihreseinfachen Aufbaues unempfindlich und benötigendeshalb sehr wenig Wartung.Im Interesse einer hohen Betriebssicherheit solltenfolgende Punkte beachtet werden:

The valid accident prevention regulations and the stipulations of DIN EN 818-7 and DIN 685 part 5 must be observed during all maintenance work. In the same way the assembly, disassembly, commissioning, operating and maintenance instructions of the lifting equipment manufacturer must be observed at all times.

Through a regular lubrication of the round steel chain a 15-20 times higher number of cycles can be obtained than with a dry, unlubricated chain. We recommend to lubricate the chain along its entire length before putting into operation, It must be ensured that all chain links are lubricated. No chain link may be overlooked, as this can lead to premature wear. During lubrication, ensure that the lubricant penetrates into the chain links most suseptible to wear.
Change-over links should be lubricated especially careful. Change-over links are thoselinks which stop on, resp. immediately at the inlet of the drive and reversing wheels at constant stroke when switching from lifting to lowering. These chain links are charged especially heavy by dynamic vibrations and have therefore to be lubricated carefully in shorter intervals.
The choice of a suitable lubricant is dependent from the operating place and the existent enviroment conditions. An appropriate lubricant recommendation can be inquired at RUD.

chain adjustment must be checked regularly, especially during running-in periods for new chains and /or in the case of extensive chain length. Tensioning should only be as much as necessary for the chain under normal operating conditions. In multi-cjain devices, all chain strands must be tensioned equally. Unnecessary high tensioning force reduces lifetime.

Inspecting the chain drive:
The chain must be inspected at regular intervals, but at least once annually, in accordance with the stipulations of DIN 685 part 5 and the valid accident prevention regulations. As the frequency of use increases, the inspection intervals must be reduced and adjusted to the prevailing operating conditions, an inspection must also be carried out every time the chain is relubricated. The inspection includes detedting external faults, deformation, cracks, wear and corrosion.