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Intelligent chain technology against winter hazards.

RUD-profi Greifsteg
  • Additional grip links with specially-shaped grip profile increase the traction and care for tyres
  • Compact chain mesh links improve break resistance and smoothness of running
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Economical thanks to the long-life chain mesh that can be used on both sides
  • Crown-welded, movable grip links

100gl_detail_greifsteg_Bild1_95.jpg Chromium-manganese-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel

100gl_detail_greifsteg_Bild2_95.jpg Continuously closed chain mesh with grip ribs

100gl_all_verpackung_sack_95.jpg Tear-proof, hardwearing packaging


For 4X4, vans, utility vehicles, and tractors used on roads

Normal use on surfaced roads

Manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed fine-grain steel

Lock fitting

Track pattern chain mesh with additional grip links


As a twin chain, particularly suitable for steep inclines and declines, mountain passes and in forests...RUD-profi GREIFSTEG TWIN


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