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For difficult and deep terrain in woods or snow.

RUD-profi Profilgreifsteg
  • Economical high-power chain
  • Diamond pattern dense mesh for maximum grip
  • With extremely high wear resistance and fracture toughness
  • Specially developed profiled grip links ensure maximum traction
  • Excellent lifespan

steg_95.jpg Manganese-chromium-nickel alloyed steel, with extremely high wear resistance and fracture toughness

100gl_detail2_profilgreifsteg_95.jpg Full diamond pattern for maximum grip

100gl_all_verpackung_sack_95.jpg Tear-proof, hardwearing packaging


For heavy-duty machinery

For extreme snow removal and forest duty

Manganese-chromium nickel alloyed fine-grain steel

Lock fitting

Very dense chain mesh in Offset diamond configuration


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