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Our Objective

The RUD Center for Chain Knowledge (CCK) follows our Mission Statement. In particular, it is:

  • a first-class training and schooling institution for all employees of the RUD Group, for potential future employees (mainly college and university students) and for our business partners - to keep them up-to-date with technical „Chain Knowledge“ in the broadest sense.
  • a modern, interactive forum for exchange of know-how and experience concerning our core competences for technicians and engineers at RUD, selected partners and external experts in theory and practice. Proven and latest technical processes as well as developments are our main focus.
  • professional management of knowledge, which means responsible distribution and responsible dealing with „Chain Knowledge“ as well as with the knowledge and the experience of the core competences of RUD.
  • the use of highly modern web conference systems allows us to communicate effectively with our subsidiaries and partners around the world. This helps us share our knowledge and experience within the RUD Group with our partners, maximising our mutual benefit.
RUD Center for Chain Knowledge

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