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Discover an internationally successful family business that offers you the opportunities you need to fully develop your strengths. RUD is different. There are many reasons for you to join our team. You have a number of options for starting out at RUD. Find out from our team members what your career at RUD could look like. Apply today to enter an exciting professional world. We're an attractive employer that creates and maintains interesting, secure jobs.
An intensive training program for the whole RUD team as well as our customers and partners in our Center for Chain Knowledge ensures that they have excellent product knowledge and the highest degree of a technological competence. The high degree of motivation and efficiency of our far-reaching, international RUD family is based on the fact that we give our employees the best training worldwide, we support their careers and commensurate remunerations.
We have an excellent communications policy which ensures that our employees are continuously informed about the objectives and alignment of our RUD group.


Ralf Dempel
Administrative Director
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