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The R.E.C.S System

R.E.C.S System

The R.E.C.S.™ system (Reinforced Erosion Control System) consists of a range of geocomposites paired up during the production phase to realise works of soil protection and soil preservation. The geocomposites are made up of a double twisted metal mesh reinforced, during the production phase, with natural BioNets (agave or fire-retardant coconut) or with metallic or polymer geotextiles. The R.E.C.S.™ system is completed with additional works such as rope or rod anchors, installation of steel wire ropes, hydrosowing, etc. in order to implement antierosive protection systems and cortical reinforcements.

bild1_95.jpg The main applications concern cortical reinforcement, surface erosion control and re-planting of ground slopes with maximum inclination between 65° and 70°. Such interventions are carried out on gravel, soft rocks, walls in altered rocks or in rocks mixed with ground and subject to erosion and soil loss.

The interventions are done in order to prevent or limit the phenomena that lead to the deformation and the detachment of the surface layer, and to protect the cliffs from degradation due to exogenous origins ( wind, rain, runoff, freezing and thawing).
The R.E.C.S.™ system is used to realise interventions of passive or active type (antierosive coatings and cortical coatings with rod and wire rope anchors, etc.) that act directly on the lithologies involved, carrying out a mitigation of the erosive effects of surface disintegration and degradation so as to obtain an improvement of the resistance characteristics of the ground.

The R.E.C.S.™ system is particularly flexible and, thanks to points which can be opened by hand, it always allows a perfect adherence to the land (surface irregularities, etc). This adaptability is fundamental on uneven surfaces and avoids any runoff below the nets. The bionet that retains the fine soil fraction provides support and protection to the hydro-sowing suitable for the development of the vegetative covering.

The R.E.C.S Stystem

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