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Industrial and Hoist Chains

Industrial and Hoist Chains

for motor-driven and manual hoists

Worldwide we are the number one supplier for different hoist manufacturers with highly wear resistant round steel chains according to EN 818-7 for motor driven hoists and manual hoists. We manufacture industrial and hoist chains from the smallest size – 3 x 9 mm and up to the world's largest – 32 x 90 mm.

RUD industrial and hoist chains – advantages at a glance:

  • Uniform surface hardness and hardness depth, particularly in the joints, high resi-stance to wear, long service life
  • Highest dynamic strength, maximum ope-rating safety
  • Narrow size tolerances, symmetrical link shape, precision adjustment via take-up wheels
  • The chain marking is a pre-condition for a clear proof of safety
  • All RUD chains are 100 % calibrated
  • Special sizes are also available
  • Reliable delivery service
  • Made in Germany and produced at the headquarters in Aalen-Unterkochen
  • Advice and support around the world from our RUD branch offices
  • Cooperation with well-known German universities
  • RUD produces the world’s smallest and largest industrial and hoist chains, which measure 3 x 9 mm and 32 x 90 mm
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Here you can download our product catalogue "Hoist Chains"
Product catalogue industrial and hoist chains