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Rail Wagon Unloading System

Rapid and safe material unloading

A shunting transshipment port for bulk goods requires a facility with which railway wagons could be unloaded rapidly and safely. Loads of up to 100 tons could not should be lifted and tipped in this case.

RUD Solution

TECDOS medium chain


Robust, variable and compact

Gangways and ship access systems must be adjustable in longitudinal and transverse directions as well as for the height for different models and sizes of vessels so that safe access for passengers and crew is ensured.

RUD Solution

TECDOS medium chain
End fixing
Lift limiter

Sectional door drive units

Moving doors with weights of several tonnes

Doors which weigh several tons e.g. in hangars or industrial halls must be reliably opened and closed, so neither people may be injured nor objects may be damaged. A combination of diverse technical drive components provides a trouble-free application.

RUD Solution

TECDOS premium chain strands for lifting and lowering
RUD lifting means and aids as linkage for counterweights
TECDOS chain wheels: weather resistant, corrosion resistant and robust
• End user can combine roller chain with round link chain

Lifting equipment for final vehicle assembly



Variable height for ergonomic working

Vehicles attached to load frames must be traversed variably in height to enable ergonomic working during final assembly. The load frames must not hereby swing in the horizontal axis and only limited installation space is available for the drive unit.

RUD Solution

TECDOS premium chain, tensioned all round as crisscross
• 4-fold pocketwheel-drive-shaft
Pocketwheel deflection wheels
• Chain guide (laser cut chain guide and milled chain guide)
End fixing

Counter weight handling for belt tensioner

Bulk material from mines is transferred to wagons by means of belt conveyor

The material is first transferred to the storage vessel of 650T and then to the carriage of 80T and thereafter to the holding bucket of 35T. Major shutdown in conveyor occurs when the belt shears and whole Counter wt. comes down. The chain pulley block was replaced by the two fall Pi drive system. The system is driven by two synchronized motors with end fastner attached to the counter weight and load limiters at respective ends

• Variable frequency drive helps in controlling the complete system
• Single person can operate the complete system

RUD Solution

TECDOS round steel link chain