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Drives technology for Bulk Handling Tripper Car

The OMEGA DRIVE is placed on a frame. The chain is stretched between two points. The chain runs through the OMEGA DRIVE. Through the rotation of the drive wheel the installation will come into motion.

•    Constant movement and speed
•    Impervious to dirt and water
•    Adapts to motion in the frame
•    Synchronization at parallel systems
•    To position the belt precisely 
•    Compact, rugged and reliable
•    Very little maintenance

RUD Solution

TECDOS round steel link chain
End fixing
TECDOS Omega drive

Rail Wagon Unloading System

Handle heavy object safely

The availability of the railway wagon unloading system should be increased.

RUD Solution

TECDOS premium chain
Pocketwheel in OMEGA arrangement
End fixing


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