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Blade Turning Device



Transporting bulky, sensitive rotor blades

Assembling and erecting turbines requires handling equipment with which the long rotor blades [up to 80 Mtrs] can be secured, aligned horizontally and rotated around the longitudinal axis.

RUD Solution

TECDOS medium chain


Handle heavy tools safely

„Turning heavy tools safely“ - the RUD TOOL MOVER was specially developed for the safe turning of heavy-duty tools and heavy-duty workpieces in your manufacture facility.

RUD Solution

TECDOS premium chain
TECDOS end fixing
Compatible accessories optional

Configure your TOOL MOVER quickly and easily!

Rotating & turning device



Rotating rotor blades

Rotor blades for wind turbines are laminated in half-shells during manufacturing. To ensure that the multiple layers of glass-fibre or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic can be inserted with millimetre precision and without wrinkles, the half-shells must be rotated around the longitudinal axis during moulding.

RUD Solution

TECDOS premium chain
Pocketwheel in OMEGA-arrangement
End fixing