RUD TECDOS TMB Workbench and turnover device

Turning moulds | Tool maintenance

RUD TECDOS TMB: precise & uncomplicated industrial workbench and turnover device


Problem solver for small tools, moulding forms and objects.

RUD TECDOS takes working with the unique combination of a workbench and a turnover device to the next level. The new industrial workbench TECDOS TMB is the innovation for moving and maintaining your moulding forms and objects with up to 2.5 tons only with a cordless screwdriver.

Difficult turning maneuvers are a thing of the past. The low weight and its compact form save much space and therefore allow simultaneously working on more than one mould at a time.

Properties of the RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench

•     Rotation objects and moulding forms up to 90°
•     Perfect fit of objects and moulds in partly turned positions (for example 45°)
•     Maintenance, assembly, and disassembly on the TMB
•     Ergonomically correct working because of a perfect working height
•     Turning and rotating without electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic energy possible
•     Perfect integration in existing processes
•     Tenacious, with low maintenance and a long lifespan RUD TECDOS chain drive
•     Max. load capacity of up to 2.5 tons

RUD TMB workbench and turnover device can be used in a huge variety of sectors:

• Injection moulding
• Automotive
• Tool design and construction
• Aluminium die-casting
• Punching / bending technology
• Containers
• Electrical appliances
• And much more

RUD TECDOS TMB Storage spaces

•  Lateral storage spaces
•  For easy storage of your accessories and tools
•  Facilitates working with moulding forms and tools


•  Polyethylene table surface
•  PU-Panel or steel mesh prevents slipping loads
•  With adjustable recesses

RUD TECDOS premium chain

This chain has extremely high dynamic strength and a long service life, ensuring max. operating safety.

RUD attachment points

•  RUD VLBG-Plus load ring
•  Bracket adjustable in force direction
•  Comprehensive range of threads


•  High-quality drawer
•  Storage of your accessories and tools within reach

RUD TECDOS TMB screwdriver

• Cordless screwdriver for uncomplicated driving of the TECDOS TMB
• Cordless screwdriver makes handling TECDOS TMB easy

RUD TECDOS TMB protective fence

•  Total protection of the machine operator and the TECDOS TMB Workbench and turnover device
•  Alternative for the photoelectric barrier or in combination with it

TECDOS Equipment

The built-in TECDOS drive is designed for efficient and quiet operation.

Ergonomic work
Cast and injection-formed objects, and stamping and pressing tools, can be turned over safely, ergonomically and quickly, using the RUD TECDOS TMB workbench with its turnover device. Handling heavy, easily damaged tools is made easier, protecting your staff in industrial workplaces and helping prevent serious damage to joints and backs.

Safe working
Normal turning and rotating fixtures conceal enormous risks for the operator. Not only can handling them cause damage to expensive tools if they are not pulled in a straight line, but the health of staff can also be put at risk. Using the RUD TECDOS TMB workbench guarantees that all kinds of objects, not matter what shape, can be moved easily and safely.



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