RUD TECDOS TS tool separator

RUD TECDOS TS: precise & uncomplicated

The original: Made in Germany

Our RUD TECDOS TS tool separator is another milestone in our Mechanical Engineering product family. With it, you can now handle massive and heavy injection moulding, stamping or pressing tools with ease. RUD’s in-house expertise has integrated the innovative RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA drive system and the high-end round steel chain, ensuring efficient, cost-optimized tool management.

Tools can be opened and closed quickly and easily, at the touch of a button. The RUD TECDOS TS is set to the ideal working height, guaranteeing ergonomic operation. It can be used with the RUD TECDOS TM tool mover and offers an ideal combination of turning and opening of tools.

• Amortisation time <1 year
• Tool halves can be opened gently and closed accurately with controlled force and speed  
• Precise, uncomplicated tool-handling
• Assembly and maintenance work are reduced
• Less down time due to maintenance work  
• Ergonomic working positions at the tool  
• Guarantee can be extended
• Intelligent operational optimization
• Digital twin in RUD Cockpit

The RUD TECDOS TM in conjunction with the RUD TECDOS TS tool separator offers the perfect combination for safe and cost-optimized tool handling. Machines that operate separately from each other also reduce waiting times.

RUD TECDOS TS  can be used in a huge variety of sectors:

• Injection moulding
• Automotive
• Tool design and construction
• Aluminium die-casting
• Punching / bending technology
• Containers • Electrical appliances
• And much more

Mounting plate

• 1.300 mm x 1.300 mm
• for easy tool attachment
• other mounting plates are optionally available

Protection guards (optional)

Hoop design provides distance protection:
• for the front zone
• rear zone

RUD TECDOS premium chain

• three-dimensional mobility
• low maintenance, low noise
• self-cleaning, robust and durable, small size

RUD TECDOS TS sliding surface

• surface is only 380 mm high
• The sliding surface makes it easy to separate and close the tool halves
• Replaceable UHD PE plates

Safety light curtain (optional)

• Stops unauthorised or inadvertent entry to the danger zone
• Protects operators at or near the RUD TECDOS TS


• 2-in-1-solution | narrower
• durable, reliable and safe, small sizes & heavy loads
• redirection between 90° and 180°

Attachment points (optional)

• VLBG-PLUS load ring, metric thread
• Bracket adjustable in force direction
• Comprehensive range of threads

Operator devices

• Safe operation outside the danger zone
• Two-hand operation
• Radio control system

Ergonomic and safe working with the RUD TECDOS TS tool separator

Ergonomic work

Cast and injection-formed objects, and stamping and pressing tools, can be opened and closed safely, ergonomically and quickly, using the RUD TECDOS TS tool separator. Handling heavy, easily damaged tools is made easier, protecting your staff in industrial workplaces and helping prevent serious damage to joints and backs.

Safe working

Separating and closing tools the old-fashioned way brings with it enormous risks for the operator. Not only can expensive tools be damaged during handling, if they are not pulled in a straight line, but the health of staff can also be put at risk. The RUD TECDOS TS tool separator guarantees that all kinds of objects, no matter what shape, can be moved easily and safely.



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