TOOL MOVER PRO | Made in Germany

Master heavy tools safely with RUD TOOL MOVER PRO drive technology: turns, rotates and tilts heavy molds from 1 gram to 64 tons anywhere in the company.

Handle heavy objects safely and easily

The TOOL MOVER PRO can be used anywhere in the plant, since it is not anchored to the floor and is very compact**. It can moved with a hoist (lifting points) or lift truck (fork insertion points). Since the TOOL MOVER PRO table has a very low supporting surface, the open tool can be cleaned while on the table itself. The TOOL MOVER PRO is equipped with PU* plates to protect the tool.

The TOOL MOVER PRO can handle tools and objects weighing up to 64 tons. A siren to indicate that the table is operating is standard equipment.

*only THS 10
**no standard


With the 10-ton THS 10 TOOL MOVER PRO, die casting and injection moulds as well as punching and pressing tools can be ergonomically, safely and quickly rotated. Being able to more easily handling lightweight and heavy-duty tools will protect your employees in industrial workplaces and prevent severe joint and spine damage.

• Injection moulding
• Automotive
• Tool design and construction
• Aluminium die-casting
• Punching / bending technology
• Containers
• Electrical appliances
• And much more


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Robust, flexible, maintenance-friendly, safe turning device - tailored to your requirements

• Refinancing of the turning device <1 year
• Time and cost savings through simple ergonomic operation
• Robust construction
• Flexible use (transportable via forklift or crane)
• Can be used for various tool sizes up to 64 tons
• Easy to maintain
• Various options can be selected (tailored to your requirements)
• No dangers for operators
• Low contact area guarantees the maintenance of an opened tool directly on the table
• Frequency-controlled drive ensures smooth starting and stopping
• As standard with an acoustic warning signal during the turning process
• The turning table can be moved with a crane (lifting points) or a forklift (fork pockets)
• Professional & progressive

Cost savings through the TOOL MOVER PRO turning device Made in Germany

• Ergonomic handling
• Flexible turning of heavy & sensitive tools
• No damage / repair costs to the expensive tools
• No / low maintenance costs for the TOOL MOVER PRO tool turner
• Time saving through better processes
• No costs due to damaged crane brakes / crane cables
• Space-saving because the turning table is very compact
• The centerpiece: parallel drive thanks to robust TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE drive technology and RUD high-performance chains
• Power connection - 400 V, 16A CEE plug
• Drive: well-known manufacturers
• Made in Germany - engineering and production of the TOOL MOVER PRO turning crossbeam in the RUD chain headquarters in Aalen (Baden-Württemberg) -> high-quality RUD components extend the service life of the TOOL MOVER PRO

Professional commissioning & training with certificate - Experienced RUD employees explain and train the safe handling with the tool turner / turning traverse / turning device / turning table.

RUD TOOL MOVER PRO enables the gentle and safe turning of sensitive injection molds and heavy tools.

Operation of valuable, sensitive and heavy tools (up to 64 tons):
• injection molding
• Automotive
• Tool making
• Die-cast aluminum
• Stamping / bending technology
• containers
• electrical appliances
• and much more

The TOOL MOVER PRO is designed for axial rotary movements of tools up to 64 tons dead weight and up to 22 m3 volume. It is designed so that the pivot point is always in the safe area of ​​the tool. This reduces the necessary torque that the smart TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE has to apply under the table. Its mode of operation can best be compared to a flexible rack and pinion drive. The task of the rack is taken over by a radially inserted RUD chain. Pocket wheels arranged in an omega shape constrict the chain and serve as drive and deflection wheels.

The payback period for the RUD TOOL MOVER PRO is less than one year. The TOOL MOVER
PRO is therefore a very inexpensive tool to prevent damage and dangers. In addition, the RUD TOOL MOVER PRO can be used mobile in the company. It can easily be used anywhere in the company thanks to lifting points and forklift pockets.

If you have any questions about TOOL MOVER PRO and componets? We will be pleased to help you.
TOOL MOVER PRO Hotline: +49 - 7361 - 504 - 1442

TOOL MOVER guard bracket

Bracket construction as distance protection for the operator
• Bracket construction for the front danger area
• Bracket construction for the rear danger area

TOOL MOVER PRO guard bracket

TOOL MOVER Protection

PRO• Protects the operator from interference in danger area (risk of crushing)
• Protective sheet yellow / black


RUD Lifting points

• VLBG-PLUS load ring, metric thread
• Bracket adjustable in force direction
• Comprehensive range of threads

RUD Lifting points

TOOL MOVER PRO control units

• Safe to operate outside the danger zones
• Two hand operating device
• Wireless operating device

TOOL MOVER control units


• Tabletop with different recesses
• Table top polyethylene
• Optional: anti-slip support Made of steel mesh / polyurethane

TOOL MOVER PRO light curtain

• Protects against unauthorized or uninten-tional access to the hazardous area
• Protects the operator at or near the TOOL MOVER PRO

TOOL MOVER PRO light curtain

TOOL MOVER PRO protective fence

• Complete protection of the TOOL MOVER PRO and the staff
• Alternative to light curtain

TOOL MOVER PRO protective fence

TOOL MOVER PRO work platform

• Safe attachment of attachment points and lashing means
•  Individually configurable work platforms possible, stationary complete enclosure or mobile work platforms

TOOL MOVER PRO work platform
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