Bucket attachment

For many vertical conveying applications the RUD chain bucket elevator is the preferred system in many industries. RUD Chain bucket elevators are used for example in the cement industry, lime and gypsum plants, sugar industry, coal industry, fertilizer industry, in food processing industry and many other fields.

RUD Chain bucket elevators have several obvious advantages compared with belt elevators when handling high temperature, abrasive, sticky or sharp bulk materials.


In the bulk materials industry for bucket conveyors up to 60 m high, and with a conveyor speed of up to 1.65 m/s. Advantages:

  • Endless chain strands canbe used
  • The attachment can runover sprocket wheels and non toothed chain wheels
  • Quickly mounted and dismounted without special tools
  • Suitable for replacing allother bucked attachments in round steel link chain bucket elevators except those which mounted to the bucket sidewall


  • Insert one mounted side into the chain, and place the second side over the axlepin
  •  Attach the bucket by screwing two nuts onto the two stud bolts.

In the case of a preassembled shipment, simply turn the mounting clips against each other, thread into the chain, and then close the fastening on the back of the bucket.


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