The unique RUD heat-treatment process guarantees a constant material quality, and so high system availability. The forked chains are top-quality forged under optimal design of the grain flow orientation in the die. A sophisticated, visible wear indicator gives you an overview of the amount of wear in your system at a glance.

This makes breakdowns and unscheduled interruptions things of the past.

Forked-link chains are suitable for transporting powdered, flaky, grainy and fragmentary bulk materials, but not for sticky or baking bulk materials.


flour, cement grains, sugar, chemicals, chipped wood, chips, foodstuff, animal feed etc.


  • Reduced weight 
  • Sophisticated wear indicator 
  • Highest strength and durability in use


Conveyor & Drives
RUD Ketten - Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG
73432 Aalen, Germany

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