TOOL MOVER for 64 tons

Do you have problems with the tilting process of heavy and sensitive injection moulding tools?

Do you know these hazards?

  • High risk for operators
  • Possible damages to the costly tools and the hall floor
  • Damage to the crane breaks and rope

Cost savings TOOL MOVER for mould & die handling:

  • No damage to the tools therefore no repair costs
  • Low maintenance costs of the tools
  • Time saving through a better process cycle
  • No costs through damaged crane breaks or ropes
  • Payback period approx. 1,7 years Particularly developed for the safe and trouble-free tilting of injection moulding tools

Which solution does our TOOL MOVER (mechanical upender) offer you for mould handling?

  • User-friendly and easy operation for mould handling
  • Low-noise and smooth rum (proofed in the entertainment indusdry)
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance
  • For different tool sizes (max. 64 tons)
  • Different options selectable (suited to your request))
  • Flexible deployable (can be moved by crane or fork lifter)

TOOL MOVER - Saving a life is priceless

TOOL MOVER - Facts & Figures

TOOL MOVER - Facts & Figures

TOOL MOVER - Saving a life is priceless - Jetzt einfach konfigurieren!