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Mission Statement

  • The RUD Group is a dynamic and modern family group, that is active worldwide. Our goal is continuous, profitable growth –with serious consideration for the careful treatment of our natural resources and our environment.
  • We are striving for a clear leadership position with our products and services in our market segments based on organizational and operational excellence.
  • With nearly 140 years experience we are developing future-oriented solutions with chain systems and components for different applications based on round steel link chain.
  • We see our products as the result of our passion to creativity and perfection in our core competences metal working, welding, heat treatment, surface technology, forging and machining.
  • The longstanding partnership with our customers and their satisfaction and confidence in us are the foundations for our success. Our ongoing commitment to customer-oriented, technical innovations along with research and development throughout the organization as well as our commitment to the highest quality and safety, is our shared responsibility.
  • Through our actively practiced, open and trusting corporate culture as well as our ongoing training and education, our international family enterprise is a motivated, energetic, flexible and competent team.
  • Our applied concept of Courtesy of Choice is reflecting the centuries-old philosophy that acknowledges differences while allowing them to exist together in harmony.
Family Management

Our rich history and a long family tradition as a common responsibility.
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