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Our Targeted and Differentiated Brand Policy

For 140 years we have acted as a think tank and created intelligent solution concepts with chains and components that remain true to our group-wide slogan “Tradition in Dynamic Innovation”. For 140 these chain systems have connected different worlds and cultures, for 140 years the authentic and original RUD brand has connected all of us as our guiding light. We live our brand, it shapes our experiences, and we’re proud of that.

Over these many decades the RUD group has served not only its customers and partners, but also its own employees as a modern, dynamic and internationally successful family-owned companyby not only focusing on sales and results, but by growing continuously through new product innovations, new locations, new investments and new partners. That is and must remain our goal in the future as well. Yet the larger and more international we become, the more important it is that we ensure that our RUD Group has a modern, impactful and memorable company image throughout the world across all cultures and markets. In a globalised world in which markets are moving closer together, becoming more closely networked and more transparent thanks to new means of communication, in an era of visual over-stimulation and complex imagery, our strategic focus on a powerful, targeted brand message offers RUD new paths to success.

At the centre of the unmistakable strength of character and identity of our RUD group is the higher-level RUD umbrella brand. It clearly outlines our differentiation, meaning the originality and high-value characteristics of our products and services as well as the dynamic nature of our family-owned business. It stands for the highest levels of reliability, safety and quality, for our success, our forward-thinking nature and our vision as a leading international technological trendsetter in the defined sectors in which we are active. It is above all a clear symbol of our focused, forward-moving strategy.

Our long history of tradition and experience, our deep, well-founded and expansive store of knowledge, our innovative technology, our role as quality leaders, and our high level of efficiency are reflected by all of the international RUD Group units through our consistent and modern brand policy and clearly and directly communicated both internally and externally.
As an inspirational figure and industry leader, we are facing a new challenge for sustainably ensuring our success on the market in the future: To not only maintain the top positions of all the international RUD Group brands, but also to strengthen these brands long-term through a consistent and differentiated brand policy.

This challenge is open to all of us. All of our employees and our partners are invited to actively take on this challenge through their dedicated engagement and actions every day, thereby making it their own personal challenge. This is a continuous, exciting, and most of all strategically vital task and responsibility for all of us. It is, however, also something that creates sustainable value for the company, can motivate every one of us, and is enjoyable and rewarding.

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