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RUD Chain, Inc., a subsidiary of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co, KG, has been providing our customers with longstanding partnerships since 1980. Our ongoing commitment to customers and technical innovation has earned us a global reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel link chains and associated components. Our stringent and unique testing procedures ensure that we deliver high quality products to our customers "every time". RUD's commitment to produce high quality and safe products makes it the ideal company to help meet the rigorous needs of the U.S Military.

Our state-of-the-art production facility located in Aalen, Germany was founded in 1875 and has been manufacturing high quality round steel link chains for lifting, lashing, conveying, tire protection, as well as snow and off-road applications for over 130 years. The RUD production facility is regarded as one of the most modern chain producing facilities in the world, RUD is ISO 9001 certified and is renowned for it's expertise in heat treatment methods - delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding military applications. Developed from a small chain forging company, RUD has stood the test of time to become a global player with approximately 1400 motivated employees and seven subsidiaries around the world.

The well established brand name RUD stands for quality, innovation and know how. Continuous research and development have enabled us not only to produce products meeting the highest expectations, but also with consistent quality standards, Experience, diligence, ambition and passion are the virtues we manifest in order to remain the best.
RUD's specialty is in providing our customers with highly-engineered standard and special solutions when presented with load securing, overhead lifting and traction problems, Our standard products and unique solutions are used in a number of military applications world-wide and continue to perform under the most extreme and challenging conditions, The following RUD product lines are being utilized by the defense industry and U.S Military.

Lifting and Lashing Points

Lifting and Lashing Points To maximize safety without compromising strength, RUD produces 260 different types of highly tested lifting, lashing and tie down products, This product line includes 200 products designed for bolting and 60 designed for welding.
RUD currently provides numerous weldable lifting and lashing points to several defense industry manufacturers. RUD provides our customers with the necessary products needed to lift and lash any type of equipment, special load or vehicle.

Lifting Systems

Lifting Systems RUD provides custom lifting systems that are designed to make the most complex lifting solutions safer and more efficient. Our lifting systems provide the military with a single lifting system that is capable of performing numerous lifts on several different vehicles, Our lifting systems are designed to be easily transported in existing military shelters and maintenance vehicles. Along with our continuous product testing and support, we provide technical and operator manuals for each system. These manuals provide the everyday user with the information that is necessary to safely perform any lift and outlines the requirements for annual inspections and periodic load testing.

Lashing Systems

Lashing Systems RUD also provides standard and custom lashing systems and chains that are designed to secure vehicles, supplies and equipment for land, sea and air transport. RUD is the world innovator when it comes to designing safe, high quality lashing systems. RUD's years of experience means that we have the ability to solve any lashing problem and design a solution to suit our customers' demands. Our lashing chains are designed to provide the highest lashing capacity available, while decreasing the overall weight of the systems. This means that our chains are not only strong, but light and easy to use. There is no better chain to use for load securing in time of training, humanitarian missions or war.

Traction and Snow Chains

Traction and Snow Chains RUD manufactures a variety of traction and snow chains that are used world-wide. Our traction and snow chains are used by a variety of military and emergency services throughout the world. RUD's conventional snow chains meet the highest demands for traction in the toughest terrain possible. All of our traction and snow chains are made of high-quality alloy steel and are designed to provide a smooth ride, while providing superior traction and tire protection. Our engineers have ensured that our traction and snow chains are extremely easy to mount and dismount. Each set of traction and snow chain comes with easy-to-understand and illustrated instructions that make the process of mounting and dismounting easy to understand.