RUD – An Attractive Employer

Accepting New Challenges

The way we do things at RUD is defined by our strong values. We always act with integrity, and we have the courage to leave the familiar behind and work as a team to achieve outstanding results and to support corporate and personal growth with full commitment.

We actively practise a corporate culture of openness and trust. We work together to achieve our goals. We take on personal responsibility for the development of our company, our team and ourselves. We encourage and support each other to produce outstanding results. Our corporate culture is the path and journey we are travelling together – our Culture Journey.

That’s how we help our customers succeed. We identify their requirements and offer them innovative solutions with superior added value.

We promote an environment in which every team member is valued and can grow as a person. We develop relationships with our suppliers and partners that are intended to benefit everyone. We act responsibly with regard to society and the environment. We strive for substantial, sustainable and profitable growth and, in doing so, to safeguard our freedom to act.