Mechatronics engineer

You are involved in the assembly and repair of complex machines, plants and systems in the area of plant and mechanical engineering or work for the buyers or operators of such systems. You assemble electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and/or hydraulic components, install plants, check devices, machines and plants, put them into operation, repair them and maintain them. 

Training plan for mechatronics engineer

Training period: 3 ½ years

Overall training time

  • Training organisation
  • Engineering and technology
  • Qualification aspects
  • Customer requirements (quality, costs and time)

Training workshop

  • Basic metalworking skills (basic training course)
  • Manual and automated machining, cutting and forming
  • Installing electrical assemblies and components
  • Measuring and checking electrical quantities

Training workshop

  • Assembling and testing electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems
  • Assembling assemblies and components
  • Assembling and disassembling machines and systems
  • Checking and setting mechanical system functions
  • Programming mechatronic systems
  • Commissioning and operating mechatronic systems

Training workshop and production workshops

  • Installing and testing hardware and software components, quality management
  • Assembling and disassembling machines and systems, transportation and safety
  • Checking and setting mechatronic system functions
  • Commissioning and operating mechatronic systems
  • Maintaining and repairing mechatronic systems