RUD conveyor & drive technology

RUD conveying technology

Combinable components & individual parts for conveyor technology and conveyor systems. RUD offers you perfectly coordinated systems and components for horizontal, vertical and ascending conveyors.

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RUD TECDOS drive technology

Versatile drive solutions, systems & components for every requirement. Drive systems based on the round steel chain.

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RUD TECDOS mechanical engineering

Handle heavy tools and molds safely, flexibly, ergonomically and gently anywhere in the company. Made in Germany.

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Conveying equipment and components for horizontal, vertical and ascending conveyors/elevators that are designed to operate perfectly with each other

No matter whether chain, central chain or belt bucket conveyors, chain conveyors, or spare parts, RUD Conveyor Technology provides you with systems and components for horizontal, vertical and ascending conveyors that are designed to operate perfectly with each other. Among other types of conveying equipment, such as scraper chain conveyors, ash removers and coal feeders, we also equip bucket conveyors/elevators and trough chain conveyors with our conveyor chains, link chains/round steel chains and appropriate components such as our innovative new RUca and System 65 bucket attachments. RUD's bucket conveyor attachments are being used more and more often to replace the well-known DIN system. DIN system shackle failures are now a thing of the past. Using round steel chains increases service life and ensures happy customers in the cement, lime and gypsum industry.

RUD round link chain

RUD round steel chains are robust, have a long service life and are suitable for every conveying task. Our many years of experience in shaping, welding, heat treatment and surface technology have taught us which chain is best for your requirement. In particular, R160 round link chains increase your conveyor system's service life. 30 % longer run time is no problem for the R160 link chain.

The chain connectors

The chain connectors we have developed for conveying equipment are suitable for use in horizontal and vertical chain conveyors. Different chain connectors are designed for conveying equipment used in moderate or harsh conditions. Let us also introduce our new UKS universal chain connectors. It can be combined and used in conjunction with our round steel chains or link chains, replacing the RSP (space-saving), VK (square) and FL (flat lock) connectors. This means lower warehousing costs and an overall reduction in operating costs.

RUD mining connectors for underground applications

RUD's DOMINATOR mining connector have been especially designed for use in mining applications. These mining lock, which is used in underground mining, are through hardened to ensure maximum strength. They exceed the stringent requirements defined in the DIN standard in every way.

Analyse critical conveyors or infrastructures

Using the new RUD COCKPIT monitoring system, you can analyse critical conveyors or infrastructures and identify, for example, dangerous operating conditions such as excessive heat, overfilled discharge hoppers, unusual speeds, seized rollers or used-up tensioning distances.

RUD TECDOS Drive Technology supplies versatile drive solutions & drive systems based on round link steel chains

Alongside its inter-combinable products, suitable for every requirement, RUD TECDOS Drive Technology also provides you with flexible, versatile drive solutions and drive systems based on RUD TECDOS round link steel chains.

RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA drive technology

One of our innovative drive solutions is the fixed head drives for PI-GAMMA movements. Thanks to the sturdy housing that encases the TECDOS case-hardened or through hardened chains and the pocket wheels, PI-GAMMA can also be used in harsh environments. Typical applications include use as locks on blast furnaces or large industrial gates and as significant stage engineering components, in concert halls. The RUD TECDOS PI-GAMMA 2-in -1 complete system is ideally suited for horizontal/ascending and vertical applications with a fixed or adjustable deflection from 90° to 180°.


You can, for example, use the versatile RUD TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE to move harbour and ships' cranes, move solar panels, to follow the sun, or move machines. Use the flexible, safe TECDOS drive technology in all sectors, such as maritime and inland waterways, steel construction for hydraulic engineering, building dynamics or stage and events engineering.

RUD Mold Handling Solution provides the right engineering solution for every scenario

Separating and closing tools and heavy-weight objects the old-fashioned way brings with it enormous risks for the operator. Not only can expensive tools be damaged during handling, if they are not pulled in a straight line, but the health of staff can also be put at risk. RUD TECDOS machines guarantee that all kinds of objects can be moved easily and safely, no matter what their shape is.

With our systems and machines, Made in Germany, we can create the perfect solution for every mechanical engineering scenario, no matter whether it involves handling tasks in injection moulding, tool-making, aluminium die-casting, stamping, bending, containers, electrical equipment or many others. We offer the perfect type of transportation for your needs, enabling your heavy tool and objects to be moved into their operational positions safely, flexibly and ergonomically, while ensuring that tool damage is prevented.

RUD TECDOS TM turning table & RUD TECDOS TS tool separator

Cast and injection-formed objects, and stamping and pressing tools, can be turned over, opened, or closed tight, in a quick, safe, ergonomic way, using the RUD TECDOS TM turning table and RUD TECDOS TS tool separator. Handling heavy, easily damaged tools is made easier, protecting your staff in industrial workplaces and helping prevent serious damage to joints and backs.

Service for RUD conveyor technology, RUD TECDOS drive technology & RUD TECDOS mechanical engineering

We provide direct live support to help you find solutions to problems, resolve faults and install components via the RUD Remote Service for RUD conveyor technology, RUD TECDOS drive technology and RUD TECDOS mechanical engineering for conveying equipment, TECDOS Drive Technology and TECDOS mechanical engineering. We consider ourselves to be partners with industry. Alongside our products, which are "Made in Germany". we also offer engineering, project planning and service.

Our Service team is always there for you. RUD's customers expect top service quality, world-wide, at all levels in their business. At the end of the day, our highest priority ensuring quality, increasing productivity and strengthening the competitive position of our customers.  Our service is not just limited to commissioning, the provision of legally required warranties, supplying spare parts or performing inspections. The services we offer sustainably support our customers in achieving success in their market.

Expert, reliable, available. We support while you are optimising your processes, and afterwards.