Technical product designer

Specialising in machine and plant design

Technical product designers create and modify 3D data records and documentation for components and assemblies based on design and technical specifications. In doing so, they take production processes and material properties into account, plan and coordinate work flows and design processes and check and assess work results.

Training plan for electronic engineer, specialising in industrial systems

Training period: 3 years

Overall training time

  • Training organisation
  • Information, communication, organisation of work
  • Integrative corporate processes

Training workshop and technical office

  • Basic training course in metals
  • The basics of technical drawing
  • Getting to know raw materials and auxiliary materials
  • Basic knowledge of CAD/SAP
  • Reading and using technical documents

Technical office

  • Manufacturing workpieces through machine cutting
  • Computer-aided drawing
  • Reading and using technical documents
  • Performing technical calculations
  • Producing technical drawings, plans and documents
  • Rating technical production and assembly processes

Technical office

  • Computer-aided creation of technical documents
  • Production of drafts and designs
  • Performing detailed designs
  • Producing perspective diagrams
  • Producing technical accompanying documents
  • Assisting in work assignments for other specialist areas