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PRESS RELEASE | The right drive for hydro power plants

Tecdos Omega Drive for hydraulic engineering: This innovative drive from RUD moves a mechanical grille cleaning system that removes floating debris, enabling the weir system and power station to work efficiently.

Laakirchen, Austria/Aalen, Germany (jm).
140,000 m3 of excavation, 22,000 m3 of concrete construction, approx. 2,500 tonnes of reinforcement and 25,000 tonnes of hydraulic construction stone: the reconstruction of the Danzermühl hydro power plant in Laakirchen (Upper Austria) was and is truly a mammoth project. Heinzel Energy, the developer, invested 41 million Euros and spent two and a half years on construction, before the new power plant on the River Traun was commissioned in 2019. Now, 120 m3 of water flows through the two turbines every minute, generating 44.8 GWh of power. That's enough to supply 10,000 households a year with electricity. A weir system holds back surplus river water and floating debris is captured by a mechanical grille that is 240 m² long. The surface of the mechanical grille must be kept clean to ensure that the weir system and power station are able to work efficiently. That is the job of a special grille cleaning system supplied by the company Braun Maschinenfabrik. This system is driven by the Tecdos Omega Drive, RUD's innovative chain drive system.

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PRESS RELEASE | Tecdos-Pi-Gamma: The "open sesame" for XXL projects

RUD's 2-in-1 drive system has been installed as a way to move a 36 x 12 m section of a hall roof at Bayernhafen Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg/Aalen (jm).
Optimisation of the loading and unloading process for barges and rail goods wagons: This was the clear project brief for the construction of a new 2,600 m2 logistics hall at the Bayernhafen site in Regensburg, Germany. The answer to the client's wishes was a sliding roof system, which allows the roof to open on the quay-side of the building so that cranes can reach directly into the hall. The "open sesame" effect is achieved using a Tecdos-Pi-Gamma 2-in-1-chain drive system, manufactured by RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG, headquartered in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The drive has been specially developed for horizontal and vertical applications: its chain can be redirected from 90° to 180°. It can open and close the 400 m2 roof section with ease and reliably withstand the extreme dynamic loads, created by wind, snow etc., to which the sliding roof section is subjected.

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PRESS RELEASE | RUD Tool Separator: The Revolution in Tool Handling

RUD's new Tool Separator not only optimises work processes, but also ensures workplace safety during operation

Aalen, Germany (jm).
No more need to use sledgehammers and tyre irons to open massively heavy tools by hand! RUD's new Tool Separator makes tool handling safer and, importantly, much faster. This latest innovation opens injection tools, punching tools and forming tools in a matter of seconds, once again revolutionising production, service and maintenance processes. By optimising these processes, the Tool Separator can pay for itself in less than a year. And that's great news, not just for managers, workshop managers and controllers, but also for health and safety officers and employees themselves. Working with RUD's new Tool Separator is especially safe and ergonomic. This makes the Tool Separator the ideal companion to the Tool Mover Pro, RUD's tool-handling machine.

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