Electronic engineer

Specialising in industrial systems

The role of the electronic engineer for industrial systems is to assemble, commission, operate and repair systems and plants for the supply of energy, measurement and control engineering, communication and signalling engineering and drive and lighting engineering. You will monitor the plant installation, draft modifications and enhancements, install cable routing systems, information and energy cables and supply lines, hand over plants and perform service work.

Training plan for electronic engineer, specialising in industrial systems

Training period: 3 ½ years

Overall training time

  • Training organisation
  • Engineering and technology
  • Qualification aspects
  • Process orientation

Training workshop

  • Basic metalworking skills (basic training course)
  • Planning and implementing electrical installations
  • Analysing and adapting electrical control systems
  • Providing information technology systems

Training workshop

  • Ensuring the energy supply and safety of operating equipment
  • Analysing, checking and repairing devices and assemblies
  • Programming, implementing and optimising control systems for plants
  • Selecting and integrating drive systems

Training workshop and electrical workshops

  • Implementing and commissioning technical building systems
  • Installing and repairing technical energy systems
  • Commissioning, repairing and maintaining automated systems

Training workshop and electrical workshops

  • Planning and implementing electrotechnical systems
  • Maintaining the operational process in electrotechnical systems
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of protective measures through measurements, testing and documentation