Industrial business manager

You will provide support in all of the company processes from an economical perspective, from the initial orders to customer service after the order is complete. A new part of the new training provisions, however, is that you will work in an operational area chosen by the company at the end of the training period.

Training plan for industrial business manager

Training period: 3 years

Overall training time

  • Training organisation   
  • Business processes and markets   
  • Information, communication, organisation of work 
  • Integrative corporate processes

Production planning/manufacturing
Scheduling and schedule monitoring, accompanying documents for orders, product costing, products and services

Purchase order processing, delivery conditions, purchasing agreements

Shipping department
Logistics, shipping documents, transport security, the different transportation options

Goods receipt/warehousing 
Warehouse organisation and management, goods inbound, incoming goods inspection, stockpiling and inventory management

Quality assurance 
Quality standards, certification, quality assurance 

Financial accounting/service accounting
Accounting processes, cost and performance accounting, profit and loss accounts and financial statements, financing, controlling

HR department 
HR planning, HR services, personnel development, vocational training

Information technology 
PC services, information and communication systems, information processing

Bills of material, drawing management, assembly instructions

Sales department/materials planning 
Assessment of requirements, materials planning, order initiation and preparation, order processing, order post-processing and service 

Corporate Marketing, PR & Branding
Training in the various forms of advertising, marketing tools, preliminary work for trade fair participation

Operational area
Operation-specific tasks, products, functions and processes are among the core roles of the training organisation. It shall also involve the compilation of operation-specific decision templates and solutions. There is also training for the role in the operational area, which forms a major part of the final exam.