Industrial mechanic

Specialising in industrial systems

You are a part of the mobile task force. At alternating workspaces in the company, you are the specialist who ensures that the machines, plants or parts are ready for operation, maintaining and repairing them to prevent expensive downtimes. As well as grinding, milling and cutting work, your role will include the assembly of control engineering parts and components. Naturally, you will be using the latest technology such as hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics.

Training plan for electronic engineer, specialising in industrial systems

Training period: 3 ½ years

Overall training time

  • Training organisation
  • Engineering and technology
  • Qualification aspects
  • Customer requirements (quality, costs and time)

Training workshop

  • Basic metalworking skills (basic training course)
  • Producing components using machines
  • Manufacturing simple assemblies
  • Maintaining technical systems

Training workshop

  • Producing individual parts using machine tools
  • Installing and commissioning pneumatic systems
  • Fitting technical assemblies
  • Manufacturing on CNC-controlled machine tools
  • Repairing and maintaining technical systems

Training workshop and production workshops

  • Manufacturing and repairing operating plants
  • Monitoring product and process quality
  • Repairing technical systems
  • Ensuring automated systems are ready for operation

Training workshop and production workshops

  • Planning and implementing technical systems
  • Optimising technical systems