More RUD TECDOS solutions

For the construction of a complete TECDOS drive solution, based on the TECDOS high performance round link chain, we can provide the most diverse components and systems for every requirement. All TECDOS round steel chains are stamped and this ensures traceable evidence to the melt over standard 3.1 certificates.

Rail Wagon Unloading System

Rapid and safe material unloading

A shunting transshipment port for bulk goods requires a facility with which railway wagons could be unloaded rapidly and safely. Loads of up to 100 tons could not should be lifted and tipped in this case.

RUD Solutio:
TECDOS Round link chain Medium
• TECDOS Pocket wheel

Blade Turning Device

Transporting bulky, sensitive rotor blades

Assembling and erecting turbines requires handling equipment with which the long rotor blades [up to 80 Mtrs] can be secured, aligned horizontally and rotated around the longitudinal axis.

RUD Lösung:
•  TECDOS Pocket wheels
•  TECDOS Round link chain Medium

Lifting equipment for final vehicle assembly

Variable height for ergonomic working

Vehicles attached to load frames must be traversed variably in height to enable ergonomic working during final assembly. The load frames must not hereby swing in the horizontal axis and only limited installation space is available for the drive unit.

RUD Solution:
TECDOS premium chain, tensioned all round as crisscross
• 4-fold pocketwheel-drive-shaft
• Pocketwheel deflection wheels
• TECDOS chain end fixing

Tripper car

Drives technology for Bulk Handling Tripper Car

The OMEGA DRIVE is placed on a frame. The chain is stretched between two points. The chain runs through the OMEGA DRIVE. Through the rotation of the drive wheel the installation will come into motion.

•    Constant movement and speed
•    Impervious to dirt and water
•    Adapts to motion in the frame
•    Synchronization at parallel systems
•    To position the belt precisely 
•    Compact, rugged and reliable
•    Very little maintenance

RUD Solutio:
TECDOS round link chain
TECDOS Chain end fixing

Rotating & turning device

Rotating rotor blades

Rotor blades for wind turbines are laminated in half-shells during manufacturing. To ensure that the multiple layers of glass-fibre or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic can be inserted with millimetre precision and without wrinkles, the half-shells must be rotated around the longitudinal axis during moulding.

RUD Solution:
•  TECDOS Round link chain Medium
•  TECDOS Chain end fixing



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