Central chain

RUD central chains are ideally suited to use in high-capacity bucket elevators.

The RUD central chain provides a robust means of traction for vertical conveying of powdery, granular, lumpy and high-temperature materials. Safe transport of abrasive materials is also guaranteed.

RUD central chains offer maximum conveying reliability, even when handling charge fluctuations, high-temperature materials, and materials with large single edge lengths. RUD has the perfect chain to meet your individual needs.

Different types: RU50, RU80, RU150, RU200

Components of central chain

The central chain consists of four basic elements, inner plates, bolts, outer plates and bucket attachments.
The chain can be easily opened, shortened or extended by simply bending the chain links at every position without the tool in an assembly- and disassembly-
friendly way.
A favourable force distribution and tolerance compensation is achieved using the bolt bearing at the outer plate, which is also carried out in the bushings.

The buckets are mounted using bilaterally stable bucket attachments, which are pushed to the bushings of the outer plates. Increase in the useful life in case of wear of the chain can be achieved once again by turning over the chain.

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• Hinge points: Bolts float-mounted → high wear volume
• Assembly: without special tool possible
• Standard strand length: 3408 / 1080 mm packaged in an assembly-friendly way

Recommended bulk goods:

• Cement
• Limestone
• Gravel
• Coke
• Slag
• Clinker

Insert the bolts

Insert the outer plates

Stretch the chain – finished without tools

Drive wheel

Drive wheel

For RUD central chain

Tension sprocket

Tension sprocket

For RUD central chain