Screw conveyor

Long-lasting, easy to maintain screw conveyors are used for the dust-free, horizontal, inclined and vertical transport of finegrained and floury materials. Suitable adaptations are made to handle coarse-grained, higher temperature, abrasive or poorly flowing materials. Screw conveyors also offer the option of multiple inlets and outlets. Various versions handle not only the transport of bulk materials but also emptying, metering, loading, screening and mixing.

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• Durable and easy to maintain
• Transport even difficult conveyed goods
• Screw conveyors offer the option of multiple inlets and outlets

• Transport of materials that:
    → fine-grained
    → floury
    → coarse-grained
    → temperature loaded
    → abrasive
    → flow badly
• In addition to transporting bulk goods, various versions also take over:
    → Empty
    → Dosing
    → Loading
    → Mix
    → Cooling

Technical data for Trough screw conveyor

Technical data for tubular screw conveyor

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