System RUca

RUca is the new alternative for DIN bucket attachment systems for round steel bucket elevators. RUca offers a multitude of advantages compared to standard components.

Due to the smooth interaction with RUD chains and RUD chain connectors, RUca always provides force and shape-fit connections, thereby reducing chain wear and providing maximum protection against breakage.

RUca is highly flexible in its application: the system is suitable for endless chain strands, runs over uncoated wheels and can be mounted quickly - special tools are not required for this.

It is an optimal replacement for existing DIN bucket holders in round steel chain bucket elevators and the first choice when installing new systems.

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• RUD endless chain strands must be used
• Short assembly and disassembly times, without special tools
• Travel over plain wheels
• Higher component break resistance
• Suitable for replacing all the DIN bucket attachments in round steel link chain bucket elevators exept side-wall attachments
• Less wear and tear on chain
• No oversized components

• Bucket elevators
• for light and medium duty conditions

Step 1

Insert the bolts

step 2

Pivoting the upper RUca half into the chain.

Step 3

Pivoting the lower RUca half into the chain.

Step 4

Insert the securing spring.

Step 5

Fix the bucket.

Movie: RUca bucket attachement Assembly sequence



Round link chain for bucket elevators

Round link chain for bucket elevators

chain sprocket for bucket elevators: RUca, 2win und SWA

chain sprocket for bucket elevators: RUca, 2win und SWA

Chain connector RSP

Chain connector RSP

Driving wheels, non-toothed

Driving wheels, non-toothed

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