RUD attachments for FORKY single-belt

RUD forked link chain FORKY: Improve efficiency and perfection in planning, running costs and maintenance.

High strength and durability in use & patented wear indicator RUD forked link chain FORKY are outstanding products with impressive material properties: Drop-forged stainless steel ensures high strength and durability for daily use. RUD unique heat treatment guarantees constant materials quality and thus high availability. Fork link chains are drop-forged with top-quality results, thus making it possible to optimise the grain structure. A patented, optical wear indicator in the true sense of the word can give you an overview of your chain state of wear in just a few moments.

This means that breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns are a thing of the past.

There are T, BT, U, C and O attachments for forked link chain (single-belt) FORKY.

Application areas of forked link chain FORKY | single-belt

Forked-link chains are suitable for transporting powdered, flaky, grainy and fragmentary bulk materials, but not for sticky or baking bulk materials.

Flour, cement, grains, sugar, chemicals, chipped wood, chips, foodstuff, animal feed etc.

Condition of conveyed goods:
RUD fork link chains are ideally suited for transporting
powdery, grainy, flaky, dusty or fragmentary material

Construction-, wood-, paper-, plastic-, food and feed industry, chemical industry, mills, port cargo handling, agriculture and recycling industry

Examples of transported material:
Cement, clinker, ash, wood chips, wood shavings,
food and animal feed, recycled municipal waste fertilizer, gypsum, coke

Product variants of the forked-link chains | single-belt

Application of attachment T for forked link chain FORKY single-belt

• for horizontal and low ascending transport max 10°

RUD attachment BT for forked link chain FORKY | single-belt

• Type BT for horizontal and low ascending transport, dusty, free flowing material
• Type BT special (height up to 1,75 × fork link height), also for high ascending transport max 30°

Attachment type U for forked link chain FORKY | single-belt

• Type U for high ascending transport, 10° up to 25°

Attachment C for forked link chain FORKY | single-belt

• type C for high ascending transport and dusty material, 10° up to 25°

Attachment O for forked link chain FORKY | single-belt

• Type O für sehr stark ansteigenden Transport, 25° bis 90°

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