RUD conveyor technology - Service

Fit for the next revision - RUD service concept

…We support you in the
•  Checking the conveyor chains and components
• Wear measurement
• Chain shortening
• Availability of required spare parts
• Incorporation of teeth with raised limb support
Replacing new single teeth with increased limb support compensates for chain wear and extends service life!

Individual conveying and drive systems for all bulk materials

Complete bucket elevators and spare parts

RUD complete bucket elevators are optimally suited for the vertical conveyance of powdery, granular, lumpy and temperature-stressed bulk solids.

• round link steel chain bucket elevators
• HL-central chain bucket elevators
• Bucket elevators

Complete conveyor systems

BULKOS conveyor systems offer you complete systems for material handling. Equipped with fork-link chain or round steel chain, they ensure trouble-free operation of your system

• Steel Belts
• Chain conveyors
• Screw conveyor
• Scraper conveyor

Components for round link steel-, central chain- and belt bucket elevators

Due to our extensive experience in the areas of bulk materials, energy generation and in the maritime environment, all components of our conveyor systems are always perfectly coordinated and provide reliable solutions. From the smallest to the highest bulk material flow rates.

Drive & Conveyor Technology for Energy Production

RUD conveyor systems offer

you the optimal solution for your conveying problem. We design and manufacture complete trough chain conveyors, screw conveyors and chain conveyors. Whether it is to feed the raw biomass to be fired in the boiler, or to dispose of the combustion residues, CRATOS conveyors are robust and precisely adapted to these conditions.

• Coal plants
• Waste-to-Energy
• Biomass Power Plants
• Slat systems

RUD bucket elevators offer

optimal solutions for the vertical transport of eg. Coal, biomass, garbage or compost. We construct, equip and manufacture complete bucket elevators with round steel chains, link chains or belts as traction means. Due to our extensive experience in the fields of ash removal from coal power plants, biomass incineration, as well as waste incineration & recycling, all components in the fields of conveyor systems, bucket elevators & drives are always perfectly matched and provide reliable solutions.

RUD drive systems offer

optimal solutions for various drive problems. Based on the round steel chain as a traction device, we develop and produce a large number of drive solutions for lifting, moving, telescoping, moving and turning plants and applications in the RUD drives are robust and precisely adapted to the conditions of energy production.

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