TECDOS® OMEGA is the ideal drive solution for translatory and pivoting actuation.

For moving travellers on a beam, ship cranes along its rail or for skidding applications, they surpass comparable rack and pinion drives as they are much more resistant against dirt, sand, ice, etc. and are easier to install and much more tolerant in case of disalignment.

Its modular design allows to combine it with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors or to be purchased as a complete unit with motor.

Examples of typical Omega drive applications:

  • Aligning and adjusting ship loaders / unloaders 
  • Moving ship cranes 
  • Opening and closing of hatch covers 
  • Rotating platforms 
  • Driving ferry propulsion
  • Moving freight cars for unloading 
  • Extending telescopic jibs from ship loaders or cranes
  • Moving of stud poles
  • Skidding systems
  • Floot protection
  • Flootgate

OMEGA DRIVE principle

  • One drive wheels, two idler wheels
  • Integrated plain bearings
  • Integrated chain guide
  • Drive shaft free of additional forces


  • Linear travel, fixed drive and moving chain/equipment
  • Moving drive and fixed chain/equipment
  • Fixed drive and rotaing chain/equipment
  • Fixed chain, drive/equipment moving along curved path



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