ECO DOS substrate feeder

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Efficient and sustainable conveying through the latest technology from RUD

Minimum wear
• Particularly weather resistant wood (renewable resource)
• High strength properties
• Due to high durability in water or very wet underground perfectly suited for detached facilities
• Due to high abrasion resistance (minimum wear on the scraper floor)
• Calibrated double-strand round steel chain enables smooth run of the conveyor
• Drive and reversion through pocket wheels

No problem with corrosion
• Special acid resistant sidewall protection on PE basis
• High toughness
• Good weather-resistance (very low water absorption)
• Temperature-resistant
• Sidewall plates replaceable in case of damage
• Minimum wear

Electricity efficient drive
• Electricity saving through efficient doublestrand scraper floor conveyor technology.
• Low power requirement of as little as 3 kW.
• Installed electric power < 12 kW
• All energy used in the direction of movement; none wasted as with moving floor systems

Modular construction
• The combination of a drag chain and two large-volume dispensing drums ensure regulated subtrate input with optimal control options.
• Various options for connection to feed screw conveyors.
• Can be filled from the side and from behind at any time, even if the distribution system is partially emptied.
• Additional superstructures availlable.

Simply assembly
• Modular structure; can be expanded at any time and is easy to repair.
• Positioning the pre-assembled dosing systems with a crane.
• Suspension equipment is provided by RUD.

Insensitive dosing drum
• Reliably loosening of various kinds of substrate.
• Therefore small risk of blockages.
• Even for difficult substrates like cattle dung and long grass.

The RUD ECO-DOS is a reliable partner for biogas solids dosing / biogas introduction of various substrates:

• Promotion of difficult substrates such as:
    → corn silage
    → GPS
    → solid manure
    → poultry manure
• For biogas plants, such as manure and long grass
• Used as a chain scraper conveyor for garbage and waste

The RUD ECO-DOS 2.0 is available in various sizes. It differs in filling volume and external dimensions and offers the optimum solution for every requirement.

In order to make your ECO-DOS as individual as possible, you have the choice to assemble your doser from 2.5 m and 4.5 m middle parts.

In addition, you have the opportunity to expand the volume by means of space-saving and cost-effective.

Interchangeable double decoiler

Innovativedecoiler technology for easy processing of the most difficult substrates.

Weighing technique

Exact dosage through the most accurate weighing technology.

Planetary gear

High torgue by planetary gear.

Scraper floor

Robust wooden floor of the substrate feeder with round link steel chain.
Example: Soil with Bongossi wood

Chain- & reversion technology

High-quality chain and reversion technology "Made in Germany" increases the service life of the substrate feeder ECO-DOS.

Assembly sequence

Easy installation of the substrate feeder / substrate allocator ECO-DOS for biogas plants.

RUD substrate feeder ECO-DOS