Fitting Systems

Modern ice and snow chains must be extremely quick to install and remove, and this process must be easy to understand. RUD-Erlau's 4 different fitting systems offer an ideal solution for every user and for every application.

Illustrated, straightforward, and easy-to-understand instructions are included with all our chains. In addition, we also supply fitting videos for specific chains.

RUDcomfort fitting

The simplest and easiest to fit: RUD CENTRAX Chains. Everything in view. No parts of the chain on the inner side of the wheel.

RUDintuitiv fitting

User-friendly, innovative quick fitting with the unique combination of textile and metal.

RUDmatic hoop fitting

The spring-steel, inner hoop makes fitting easy, even when space is limited: Matic fitting – no need to reach into the wheel housing. Ideal for rear-wheel drive.

RUDcompact cable fitting

Practical for frontwheel drives: Compact fitting. Just connect. Easy to tighten.

RUDprofi fastening system

Made by professional for professionals: The profi fitting. Worldwide proven and perfected for use in tough winter conditions.

ROTOGRIP vehicle-mounted

Automatic safety at the press of a button! Easy, time-saving mounting – this must be done by an authorised garage.