Minimum clearance for fitting tyre protection chains

a (Inside sidewall) and b (Tread) These are the minimum clearances required to fit TYRE PROTECTION CHAINS, centrifugal forces and possible dirt build-up are taken into consideration.

For closer clearances please contact us for guidance.

Chain typeInside sidewall (a)Tread (b)Distance between tyres (c)
X1150 mm70 mm85 mm
X1460 mm85 mm95 mm
X16+Toro X1975 mm100 mm95 mm
X1985 mm120 mm115 mm
X22100 mm150 mm115 mm
R69+R69S+R7075 mm90 mm
R71+R71S85 mm100 mm
R75110 mm130 mm
R75 Plus130 mm150 mm