Pre and after sales service

As world market leader, we give top priority to long-term partnerships with our customers. Our customer has a tyre problem. As his core competence does not involve solving such problems, we see ourselves the strategic partner, who helps by solving this problem to our customer's satisfaction. We always give top priority to cost efficiency (cost per hour). On account of our market position and our expertise as the inventor of the tyre protection chain, time and again we are able to provide customized solutions specifically developed for an individual task

Innovation has and always will play an important role for the inventor of the tyre protection chain. It has enabled RUD to succeed not only in developing the link-ring and ring-ring systems, which are now days used by all manufacturers, but also in maintaining its position as world market leader in all new trendsetting developments. This has earned us the reputation throughout the world of being a reliable manufacturing partner. Our worldwide team enthusiastically takes up this ever-present challenge daily. We do our very best to make continual improvements for your benefit.


Now days, a company with the highest available production capacity can justify its role as world market leader. Minimizing delivery times is an important factor in gaining customer satisfaction under today's market conditions. Operating a machine without chains for just one hour can lead to the total loss of the tyres. "Time is money" is also a factor and particularly applies to delivery times. By continually expanding our production capacities, we are working every day towards reducing our delivery times still further.


RUD/Erlau products are regarded as synomonous with the highest quality throughout the world – "Made in Germany". Using the best raw materials ensures forgings of outstanding quality, and the toughness required for the corresponding heat treatment. As one of the few worldwide manufacturers, we check all manufacturing steps ourselves, which gives unbroken quality control of every single product. Our daily challenge is to continually improve this top quality, which is what our customers in over 130 of the world's countries judge us by.

Fitting a chain is a simple process, but it has to be done following a set procedure. Many of our customers are therefore keen to take advantage of our fitting service. Our employees will fit the chains on your machines, no matter where they are in the world. Take us by our word and make use of this service. "Every customer is king as far we're concerned!"

As part of our partnership with our customers, we are also glad to share our expertise with their service crews. The service life of a chain essentially depends on it being properly maintained. Our experts will also be pleased to show you the best tricks and techniques on-site. In-depth training sessions backed up by specifically targeted training documentation is available to our partners worldwide.

Together with the highest quality and optimal costs per hour, the issue of service is gaining ever more importance throughout the world. The RUD Group realized and implemented this many years ago. So we offer you the world's most closely meshed service network. Together with our service team, we will certainly find the right service combination for your operation. Our strengths here are flexibility combined with the highest level of technical competence. Partnership is not just a word to us but our everyday company philosophy.

The upmost priority of our business concept is always to achieve the best possible cost savings for our customers. Satisfied customers are our favourite customers. In this respect, in-depth transparency coupled with the combination of working times and wear are extremely important. Our Chain Management System makes this transparency available to every one of our customers. The measurements required for this can be made either by your own employees after a short period of training or by our service team. Transparency is the first step to success.