Coronavirus pandemic: RUD Aalen/ Unterkochen puts together a comprehensive set of measures

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As already defined in our mission statement, we act on the foundation of strong values, integrity and the responsibility and courage to think out of the box when the situation calls for it.

This has now become even more important in times during which almost the entire world is in a state of emergency. For this reason, we at RUD Aalen / Unterkochen have implemented a number of measures as a result. Overarching objectives: We would like to play our part in slowing down the spread of the infection, in protecting our employees and continuing to be a reliable partner for our customers and business partners.

We have set up a crisis team which assesses current developments every day and initiates immediate actions in accordance with the devised escalation plan. This way, we ensure continuity of operations for our customers and protect the safety and health of everyone involved.

Despite internal safety measures and the increasing external requirements and regulations that are to be adhered to, for example regarding travel and logistics, we are doing everything in our power to maintain the tried-and-tested quality standard of service and delivery. We also want to be at your service as a reliable partner, especially during these challenging times.

The RUD Management

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