RUD receives the seal 'Exzellenzbetrieb Deutscher Mittelstand'.

Proof of reliability and quality"

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Exzellenzbetrieb Deutscher Mittelstand
Exzellenzbetrieb Deutscher Mittelstand

"RUD receives the seal 'Exzellenzbetrieb Deutscher Mittelstand': proof of reliability and quality"

RUD is proud to have been awarded the prestigious seal of "Exzellenzbetrieb Deutscher Mittelstand". This award is not just a stamp, but proof that RUD is a reliable business partner.

The seal is awarded by the Deutsche Exzellenzprüfung and DDW and is based on a neutral data check. It takes 39 different criteria into account, which are divided into five main categories: Innovation, Certifications, Employer Performance, Social and Environmental Commitment and Key Business Indicators. The catalog of these criteria has been scientifically monitored and is designed to ensure that only truly excellent companies are awarded.

In the area of key business indicators, both customer ratings and the duration of the respective customer relationships play a decisive role. "It's great that we have once again received confirmation from an official and neutral body that we meet these excellence factors. These are part of what the RUD team is passionate about, always in the service of our focus customers," says Jörg Steffen Rieger, member of the RUD Management Board.

For RUD, this award is not only a recognition of its work to date, but also an incentive to continue to deliver top performance in all areas.

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