RUD sells lifting clamps from the USA.

  • RUD Group

With the new start-up, the Group is selling products from the North-American Caldwell Group.

The chain manufacturer RUD from Aalen-Unterkochen is now selling the renowned lifting clamps from the American pioneer J. C. Renfroe through the newly founded start-up HanSol (Handling Solutions). The RUD Group of Companies and Caldwell have been combining their market activities on the American market since 2018, with great success.

In order to strategically intensify and globally expand the cooperation, RUD is now distributing some of the products from Caldwell in Europe on an exclusive basis. RUD will now be selling Renfroe “Made in USA” lifting clamps on the European market through the new start-up HanSol. These high quality lifting clamps are now available to buy directly and conveniently from the new HanSol online shop.

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